the origin story

Everything we dough, we dough it for you!

We like to think we’re of ourselves as the Doughnut King and Queen, but we’re known as Leigh and Niomi to our friends. Dougnutology was born through our love of fresh quality doughnuts. We looked at all other doughnut providers from afar, and frankly, we weren’t that impressed. We noticed that the doughnut industry was saturated with mass factory-produced doughnuts that are blast-frozen before reaching the customer. The love of freshness and customisation was no longer a considered factor.

Sure, everyone seemed to have nice stores and colourful Instagrams, but their doughnuts didn’t quite meet our expectations. It was all a little bit, well, stale.


who we are

who we are

who we are


At Doughnutology, we may be a small business but our passion for doughnuts may very well be the greatest ever seen before in this industry. We place all of our products at the very heart of everything we do. It’s our products that make us who we are, they are the very foundations of this business.

Our master-baker handcrafts all of our delicious, innovative doughnut recipes and has endlessly refined them to create the beautiful holey & unholey delights you see before you today.

It’s the exquisite attention to detail and unwavering focus on creating mouth-watering flavours that sets us apart from others. Regardless of your order preference, we’re confident that every doughnut that arrives to you will be perfect in every way! We have the best Doughnuts on offer in Ellesmere Port!

We just hope you love doughnuts as much as we do!

Why we started

Why we started

Why we started


Dougnutology operates out of our doughnut factory (it’s small. Everything is handmade) in Ellesmere Port. After noticing a trend towards unique and fancier doughnuts in America and Ireland, our founder, Leigh, decided he had found his calling.

2018 saw Dougnutology first open its doors, offering extravagant and interesting flavours to the public and we haven’t looked back since! It didn’t take long before we made the decision to take our baked goodies on the road, and we soon saw the launch of our dedicated doughnut delivery vans across Wrexham, Flintshire and Cheshire.

We’re always experimenting like mad scientists over here, with our flavours regularly changing each season. Our personal past faves would be our Prossecco or Gin & Tonic flavours and our customers often come up with the weirdest of requests (think all day breakfast doughnut).

Looking ahead to the future we have plans to take the doughnut world by jam-filled storm, and we can’t wait. It wasn’t just a glaze mom!

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our team

our team

our team

Niomi Pendergast
When I was first introduced to Doughnutology, I was impressed by the quality of the doughnuts and was excited to join their journey. As a fan of all things sweet, I had never tasted a doughnut quite like a Doughnutology doughnut and knew I had struck gold. I am excited to be part of this and to show the UK how a doughnut should taste.
Leigh John Brigham
I believe that handmade doughnuts crafted with care, embellished with flavours, and lovingly shared are the future of this rapidly growing market. With over 30 years of experience in baking, I have a passion for producing the highest-quality doughnuts and enjoy creating a range of new flavours to keep our expanding customer base always looking for my next creation!


I’ve ever had!”

Melanie Johnson
– One Happy Customer

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Because we care! We care about our fantastic products. We care about our wonderful customers. We care about building the communities around us.

Our vision is simple, we know that the almighty doughnut is the key that opens doors. It begins conversations, starts friendships and oftentimes one bite will whisk you away to fond childhood memories and simpler times.

Doughnutology is more than just a Doughnut delivery company, we’re your friendly neighbourhood doughnut guys, and we strive to put a smile on the face of anyone that interacts with our business.


Our doughnut vans are out on the road each week parked up in popular locations making it even easier to get your hands on our fabulous doughnuts! For more information on where your nearest vans will be any day of the week, visit our doughnut van locator!


Do you have a special event or occasion coming up?

Imagine being able to surprise your guests with the most amazing doughnuts baked especially to suit your tastes. You can choose from any style, design and even specify a colour scheme to match the occasion.

Not only do we bake, style and deliver your doughnuts, we can also provide beautiful stands and walls to present your bespoke baked goodies in a way that delights your guests.

We create any doughnut for any event, the list is endless! Some of our more popular occasions include.

Adoughrable Events
Naming Ceremonies
Baby showers

Customer reviews

Shelley Eckford
Dough-nutty Customer

Amazing doughnuts, I literally can't get enough of them (I have to try REALLY hard not to put an order in weekly!). I've been ordering for a fair while now and can honestly say the service is fantastic, always delivered beautifully fresh and on time. A really worthy local business to support, so get ordering, you won't be disappointed!

Dave Collett
Dough-nutty Customer

We've had a few boxes of doughnuts from Doughnutology over the last year and they have all been excellent. They have a huge range of doughnuts all super fresh and extremely tasty. Even my wife who doesn't usually like doughnuts can't resist them. Seriously good doughnuts and a first class delivery service.

Chello Parto
An A-Glazing Fan

Excellent customer service - I ordered a box of 4 for last weekend, but when I opened the box it was an incorrect order. I contacted Doughnutology, who apologised for the mix-up & delivered the correct order to me today free of charge (thank you). Have been a customer for 2 years, & the doughnuts are the best I’ve ever tasted - delicious!

Andrew Dickerson
An A-Glazing Fan

Had the pleasure of trying these for the first time today, and these doughnuts are absolutely out of this world will definitely be having more soon.